Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring Felted Bag Exchange :: The Questionnaire

Hello, my name is Dana, and I am addicted to swaps, and also to felting, so this exchange is perfect for me!

1. How long have you been knitting or crocheting? How did you learn?
I have been knitting for about 2 years now and learned at my LYS. I have been crocheting for about 10 years on and off. My mom and I taught ourselves from a Leisure Arts book. I prefer to knit.

2 What are your favorite yarns to knit\crochet felted bags with?
I use Plymouth's Galway and Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride, mostly because they are easily accessible.

3. What are your favorite needles to knit\crochet with?
I prefer circulars, particularly Addi turbos and my KnitPicks Options set. I do like to use the bamboo when doing bags with bulky wool. They seem to grab the thick wool better for me.

4. What are the last 3 bags you knitted\crocheted (include URL for Yahoo! or flickr album or your blog if you have them!)?
The last 3 that I made are (click to see pictures):
1. A felted clutch from One Skein (unfortunately not photographed before gifting)
2. The Sheep Tote from Fiber Trends (without the needle felted sheep)
3. My entrelac pouch

5. Do you carry the bags that you make give them as gifts, or both?
I make a lot for gifts, and carry a few that I have made.

6. What is your favorite felted bag that you have made for yourself?
I think that my favorite my entrelac pouch.

7. What are your favorite colors? Do you like bags in these colors or choose other colors?
I an pretty easy to please. I like earth tones and unusual color combinations. My current favorite combos are pink & brown and turquoise & brown.

8. Chocolate: White, Milk, Dark, or not so much?
Milk definitely, preferably with something in it (caramel, almonds, krispies, etc.).

9. Coffee, Tea, or Milk?

10. Do you prefer sweet or salty treats? What kinds?
Sweet ~ My favorite candy is Chunky or Swedish fish.

11. If you went into Bath and Body Works and could only come out with one item, what would it be and what would it smell like?
Moonlight Path body splash (lavender, rose, musk scent) is my favorite. I like pretty much every thing from that place!

12. Do you enjoy any other crafts or hobbies? Do you collect anything?
I do some beading and a small bit of rubber stamping. I collect Wonder Woman paraphernalia (don't judge), and have begun to accumulate a nice array of sheepy things (as do most knitters).

13. Are there any bag patterns you have not yet knit, but hope to someday?
I would like to knit the Prism Bag from Noni & the French Market Bag from Knitty.

14. What is currently OTN (on the needles) for you?

1. Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket (almost done)
2. Top down Tie cardigan
3. A felted basket (also almost done)
4. A sock

Too many others to name...

15. What is your most recent finished object before that?
My Landscape shawl.

16. What's cutest: Puppies, Piggies or Pixies?

17. Do you enjoy reading? Books, Magazines, or both?
I do like reading, but don't get to do much as I usually grab the needles first! I like books and magazines.

18. Do you have any children? (kid-kind or pet-kind apply!)
I have 1 son, Kyle, who is 10, and 2 dogs.

19. What are some of your favorite yarns for other projects?
I love cotton lately. I like to try a different yarn for each project. I have also fell in love w/alpaca.

20. And for the final question, one I see debated all over: Novelty Yarn: Love it! Hate it! or It depends!
I think that it depends... I like them for a tiny accident on some things, but not as the main yarn. I have used them for little projects and for some children's items. I personally don't like them for my own items.

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