Thursday, April 19, 2007

My top down-tie cardigan that I started here has taken a turn for the horrible. I was making beautiful progress...for the first time in the history of my LYS I was actually on schedule for class # 2 of 3 - ahead even! I arrived for class #2 and knit away on the long rows of the body (its knit in 1 piece and wraps around with a bizillion stitches in a row) and happened to try on a classmate's sweater in the same size that I am making at the end of class. (Gasp!) It was way too big! I put the sweater away and returned for class #3 and had to painfully rip out an entire skein + of Cotton Fleece (actually I watched Linda do it and suppressed tears). It went back on the needles and I haven't touched it since!!! I won't post a picture as it looks about the same as it did here.

I did, however, cast on for another class: Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket. The sweater is knit in 1 piece, then you sew up 2 seams when your done and you have a sweater! (There are a bunch posted on the Zimmermania blog/KAL if you want to see what it should look like when its done.) I am using Plymouth's Fantasy Naturale. It is colorway #9703. I like this pattern and this yarn, but it is a ton of counting! Here is the limited progress so far:

This may be the first sweater that I ever complete!


Donna said...

Isn't that so frustrating!!! It is just all part of the process. I do feel your pain though. Check my last log entry.

Anne said...

Hey Dana! Check your mail if you get a chance to confirm on the bag swap so we can get out matches :D Thanks!