Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time flies when you're...not knitting much!

Hello there!
Remember me?? After the last 2 weeks, I am not just a few yards short of a full skein, but I think I'm pretty much the little ball you have leftover from that project that you spend the last 3 or 4 rows praying that you'll have enough! It has been more that a week before my last (lame and short) post, but I have been so crazy with life stuff that I haven't had much time to knit, never mind blog about it. I am looking forward to a restful holiday weekend with lots of knitting. We saw Spiderman 3 last weekend, and I made a sad attempt at knitting a mindless dishcloth during the movie and ended up with this:

Needless to say that this will never see the kitchen sink!

As for progress on my EZ Baby Surprise Jacket, I have the body done, and have started the hood that I am making the pattern for. The pattern notes give very general directions, so I'm not sure what it will look like. Once the hood is done, I will bind off the body and hood as one with an applied I-cord edge. I hope to finish this weekend so I can try it on the recipient and see if I'll need to add more length to the sleeves.


Kena said...

You have been tagged...please visit my blog for details.....

Anne said...

Gorgeous colorway on the jacket - I like it a lot! Great progress too :) I've never been able to knit in movies LOL

Anonymous said...

I sent off some goodies for you today so keep an eye on your mailbox!

your sp10 pal

jill said...

I love the yarn colors on the EZ jacket!

Anonymous said...

hey pal! why no blogging? interested minds want to know... hope you and your family are well.

your sp10 pal

Anonymous said...

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