Friday, May 4, 2007

International Treat!

I got my Knitter's Treat Exchange package from my Marion, at VARDAKEERUTAMISED all the way from Estonia! Take a look at all of my treats!

Knitter's Treat Exchange package

She sent me:
A huge hank of Estonian wool in a great colorway (click here for a closeup)
A copy of Filati Handknitting magazine (great summer sweaters!)
An assortment of teas and a bag of cappuccino with a package of cookies
2 chocolate bars: 1 white chocolate w/rice crisp & blueberry pieces & 1 dark chocolate with cherry pieces (YUM!)
Fruittini Ice Mint lip balm and Bourbon Vanilla Smoothie body lotion
A handmade bookmark & earrings

Thank you to my treater, Marion, for all of the wonderful gifts! My thoughts are with you and hope that you stay safe with all of the troubles in your town (read the details on her blog).
Thank you!


vardakeerutaja said...

I'm glad you got it, already! (You can never know, how long it takes.)
And thank you for nice words. I hope we are done with violence in Tallinn, at least there has been quiet all this week.
I'll put some links, what local people do with this Estonian wool, into my blog today (or tomorrow).

Pennie said...

cute items . . . enjoyed reading your blog too