Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stitch Markers for Me!

I am trying to catch up on all of the stuff that happened while I was too busy to blog and then when I had time but my Internet access was down!

Last week I got a package from my Stitch Marker Exchange partner, Donna over at Knit1Spin2. It was a huge box filled with goodies for me:

There was a bunch of Mary Engelbreit stuff in the box that she sent me. It was all "royal stuff": 2 different size journals that say "Queen of Everything"; a magnetic list pad, a pad of post-its, and 4 magnetic bookmarks that say "Royal Stuff"; a magnet that says "It's Good to be Queen". Even the little round box that my stitch markers came in was Mary Engelbreit and said "Queen for the Day"! There was also a Chunky candy bar (thanks for reading my Secret Pal 10 questionnaire) and a rubber stamp with a vase of flowers. The stitch markers are so beautiful! They are orange with a celestial charm at the end- one side has a sun and the other side has a moon, and the rings have little bobbles around them. I love them!

The stationary stuff was so me! Its a little know fact that I wanted my brother to call me "The Princess" for 1 full year in lieu of buying me a birthday present. I figured that would kill him more than spending money on me. I am still waiting (3 years) for that gift!

Thank you Donna for spoiling me!!!

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